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Janardan Gyanoba Navle - Indian Test Cricketer

Janardan Gyanoba Navle was an early Indian Test cricketer, born on 7 December 1902, and he passed away on 7 September 1979.


Navle faced the historic first delivery of India's inaugural Test innings in 1932. He opened in both innings at Lord's in 1932 and also kept wickets. Despite being a small man, Wisden called him "a first-rate wicket-keeper, very quick in all that he did". Navle played for Indians against Arthur Gilligan's MCC team in 1926–27 and Jack Ryder's Australians nine years later. For many years, he kept wickets for Hindus in the Bombay Quadrangular and Pentangular tournaments. Notably, he made his debut for Hindus at the age of 16.

Personal Life

Janardan Gyanoba Navle hailed from a Marathi family. In his later life, he worked as a security guard in a sugar mill and lived in a two-room flat in Pune. He received his schooling at the Bhave School in Poona. Navle passed away in Poona on 7 September 1979.